TNAU to provide undergraduate, postgraduate agriculture and horticulture programs in Tamil

Agri courses

On Saturday, the regional government announced that it will award a bachelor’s degree to the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNU) in Kombatore. And post-graduate agricultural and horticultural programs in Tamil.

The government as a whole. 25 Lah The first chapter of inspiration. This is the first time the institute has offered a Tamil bachelor’s degree program.

according to TNAU Coimbatore Deputy Chancellor Ni Kumar, A professional team will be set up to develop the curriculum for these programs, which can be given early next school year.

While undergraduate programs are offered in English only, the institute also offers Tamil language diploma programs in agriculture and horticulture. According to Kumar, the Agricultural Institute b Vamba, Nearby Ud Ducati, And offers diploma programs in Tamil.

Students in Tamil middle schools benefit from these programs. Individuals with degrees in Tamil Nadu pay special attention to state government jobs, and the same choice for candidates pursuing these programs will encourage more students to enroll in these programs, he said.

The government announced on Saturday that it has set up a research center named after Oromia farmers and scientists Nammazhvar. The center will conduct organic farming research and will establish TNAU’s existing sustainable organic farming unit. The regional government for Rs. 3 Kroner To improve the sustainable organic farming sector, and expand the department’s current operations, such as VC.

Kumar called the agricultural-only budget a good start and said additional funding would help shape a long-term sustainable agricultural strategy in the coming years.

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