To accommodate the Medolanders’ crown of cattle, they bring a torch to the NJ

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Anyone who follows a little bit of horse racing knows that Guardians’ Cup The beginning of November is the highlight of the season.

It will be held on November 5 and 6 at Del Mar California, California.

But a week ago on the continent, on the other hand, New Jersey, and the big M would be right, for the big event on the calendar of the arms race.

It will take place one weekend before the Crown Prince meets Del Mar. October 29 and 30. The event will return to Paradise for the first time since 2016.

The day before Halloween, there should be a wonderful atmosphere on the track for major competitions. Contestants hope to receive more treats with their tickets, which could prove to be some of the best in the garden for the event.

The two-day event features 12 contests, more than $ 6 million and more in betting numbers. Reports Horse.Bet.

“Medowland is similar to a championship” Jeff Gural, owner and CEO of New Jersey and New Medoland Managing, Association of Standard Breeders and Owners Hamlettonia website last year.

“Everyone on the Meddoland Race Road is excited to have a breeding ground in 2021,” said COO and General Manager Jason Settlemoir. “It is appropriate to return to the Kingdom of Heaven with a long and rich tradition of hosting many of our major sporting events. I would like to thank Mr. Gural, the Humbletonian Association, and the SBOA for entrusting the team to the best in our sport. ”

Joe Wisniewski (passing Joe Weiss) Horse racing is a major event in New Jersey. He has a show ESPN New York 98.7 It’s called Feinline, and will soon be on the air in Philadelphia. Weiss, a giant armor racer, was thrilled with the event At the end of October.

“You have to see the crown of those breeders,” Wez said. “That post competition is the Super Bowl. It is a two-day event and is one of the most special weekends on the calendar, especially for New Jersey. For those who follow racing, it’s the ultimate.

We had to see Hambeletonia first in the Meddoland, and now we can see the Breeding Crown in Medoland, one of the best armed tracks in the world.

So who will win the race?

Well, if you want to compete against your loved ones, don’t – for the past two years, all the horses for the year have fallen into the big race. This is great for players, although there may be all sorts of heresies and prices on the board after the tournament. So remember, before you go to your Halloween party Saturday, October 30, Get some bet on the farmers’ crown – you might buy some big candy for the whole neighborhood.

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