To elevate seats for professional students in established colleges | Coimbatore News – Indian Times

Coimbatore – Tamil Nadu Agricultural Teachers Association
Although only 5% of these students in TNU colleges are reserved for TNU colleges, the union has requested that the government extend the extension to private agricultural colleges under TNAU, where students from professional streams are not eligible to join.
More than 300 public schools and a few private and auxiliary schools in the state offer professional streams in agricultural sciences. In these schools, graduates of agricultural and horticultural programs are employed as teachers.
In Part XII, they are in the professional stream and are qualified to apply biology, agricultural science – theory, agricultural science – practical and computer technology as vocational courses. ) Forest and Bitek (Agricultural Engineering).
“Although these programs are offered at colleges under TNAU, only 5% of seats are reserved for students in professional streams. The rest of the seats are filled with students in the stream of science, ”said M. Madvavan, president of the association. These students should be considered eligible to enroll in these programs while studying agricultural science.
According to a senior TNI official, 5% of the land is owned by the government since 1984. Private colleges are unwilling to enroll students in professional streams because students with the lowest grades in Class X are enrolled in professional streams in Class XI. They are considered academically weak and find it difficult to cope with the curriculum, which is why private colleges are reluctant to accept such students; He said.



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