To install Chinese-based greenhouse LEDs into agricultural and research institute

Fluorescence and horticulture, which produces 20 varieties of tomatoes and eight types of salads, based on the China-based greenhouse, have implemented fluorescent LED lighting solutions at the HortiPolaris Institute of Agriculture and Research.

Hortipolaris is a leading science and technology leader in the region, and is at the forefront of agriculture and education in Beijing, where population and fresh, high-quality produce are growing. Inspired by the work of the founder of the Netherlands, the state-of-the-art greenhouse will cover the future of local agriculture, 2,000 square meters of lettuce and 22,850 square meters of tomatoes. HortiPolaris initially supplied the farm with HPS lights, but the cost of production was too high for the quality market, prompting the company to switch to LED lighting systems that provide crop consistency, energy efficiency and modern farming flexibility to farmers.

“We can use LED not only in winter, but also in spring, autumn and summer,” said Dan Xu, founder and general manager of Horipolaris. We are experimenting with light to raise the margin and raise the level of neutrality in the market.

HortiPolaris distributes a variety of popular tomato and salad varieties to local and regional markets and uses Fluence’s RAZR LED solutions in Florence’s wide range of VYPR LED lighting solutions in the greenhouse and on the HortiPolaris vertical expansion shelves.

“The transition from HPS lighting to fluorescent LED solutions will give farmers a way to improve the quality of their products, such as color and consistency – a priority for buyers in the emerging Beijing region,” said Fluxes CEO. We are proud to be working with HortiPolaris, the creator and leader of the fast-growing horticultural market in the fast-growing Chinese market, which is committed to the development cycles as well as the development of LED technology used in service design.

Implementing Fluence’s LED lighting solutions provides better control of plant external variables, such as heat and humidity, once eliminating the critical risks of overheating caused by growing under HPS lighting.

“There are a number of benefits to Fluence lighting solutions,” says Yucong Chen, technical assistant at Horipolaris. “It not only provides maximum light intensity but also allows us to control the intensity for different stages of development. In addition, the uniform light provided by RAZR devices is essential for grazing. That is why we use Fluence LED lighting solutions at all times to increase productivity and ensure the quality of our growth.

Fluence’s partnership with HortiPolaris will strengthen the farm’s ability to harvest quality products and market them year-round. The companies are developing a future course of innovative food production that will help the world grow smarter in order to find unique development areas lighting strategies.

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