To lead the Master series on organic gardening continuously

Camp Dreams Daniel Mayes has announced that he will lead a 2-day master’s series on Original Gardening at the back of your 2021 conference. The conference will be held September 9-11. It has been converted from Coronavirus ‘Delta Alternative’ from Bossier Parish Community College in Borsier to Dela Terre Pharmaceutical Farm in Eros.

The three-day conference conference has a lot to offer to those interested in gardening and sustainable farming. This year’s theme is “Reconstruction of Communities through Reconstruction Agriculture” and covers topics ranging from local food production to community and economic development. The pre-conference tour of North Louisiana shows a group of different farms. Jubilee Justice Founder and CEO Konda Mason facilitates panel discussion on “Raising a New Generation of Black Farmers”. Student Associate Dean Ronda de Cambre, North Carolina Central University residents will share the award-winning urban agriculture program.

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Mice, author of “So far Organic Vegetation: How to Start and Run a Profitable Market Garden to Build Health in Soils, Crops and Communities” offers a two-day technical series on organic gardening. Mice runs a freeze farm in southern Maine, where he has been growing vegetables since 2011. He holds a master’s degree in environmental engineering and shares his field approach with a collection of innovation experiences.

Representatives from USADA’s Natural Resources Protection, the Agricultural Service Agency and Rural Development will be on hand to provide information on their technical and financial support programs. These include, but are not limited to, financial support for higher caves; Cost sharing on fences, grazing seeds, wells, animal pipelines, heavy use areas and ponds.

This event is presented to you in the field of camp dreams in partnership with USAID Natural Resources, the Ros Lynn Foundation and Bossier Parish Community College.

The three-day conference registration fee is $ 85 to offset food prices. Conference registration includes field trips, lunch three days, welcome and Friday night live entertainment. Online registration is required and space is limited.

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