Tokyo Motor Parts Maker Increases Risk in Urban Farm Trial.

TOKYO – At a time when the automotive industry is rapidly shifting to electric vehicles, a Tokyo truck parts manufacturer that needs fewer parts than petrol cars has entered the city farm.

Otsuka Tekko began to grow home-grown vegetables with artificial light to expand its business.

The company is producing salads and basil on a multi-level shelf with LED lighting on a test site. By changing the room temperature, humidity and light intensity, the company is trying to find a suitable way to grow vegetables that taste good.

“They have a lot in common with horticulture,” said Akihiro Otsuka, president of Otsuka Tikko. A.D. Founded in 1939, the company manufactures metal parts and components used in trucks and construction machinery.

Truck components, mainly engine-related transmissions, cover 70% of the company’s sales. However, the company warns that carbon offsets may eventually be dismantled as major car manufacturers increase production of EVs.

Otsuka, 39, began exploring opportunities in other industries two years ago. “There is no way to know when a big change will happen in the industry. If you just go along with the process, you could suddenly disappear.”

Concerns have been raised as the COVID-19 epidemic reduced order from large companies and increased delivery of raw materials and energy costs.

The company’s indoor field uses sensors to monitor up to 20 parameters, including temperature, humidity and nutrient concentration. The manufacturer uses sensors to monitor the condition of the device in the main field, and Otsuka thought such an experience could be used in urban agriculture.

The company has seen potential in home gardening because it is not affected by the weather, and vegetables can be grown without pesticides. The location of the main utility was also considered useful.

In March of 2023, Otsuka established a full-fledged development company, Farm Haneda, to manage the facility. Other retailers in Tokyo.

“We hope the city’s farm will be the backbone of the company,” Otsuka said.

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