Tom Cruz surprised his family by landing a helicopter in the garden

The actress, who is currently filming the seventh in a series of spying thrillers in the UK, has even stopped to take pictures and has provided free helicopter travel for Allison Web and her children.

While Webb was temporarily closed from Baginton, Coventry Airport, she was told she needed a helicopter for her unnamed “slow-moving VIP”.

When the helicopter landed

/ Allison Web

“I think it’s good for the kids to see the helicopter land in the garden,” she told the BBC.

“He [Tom Cruise] It basically came out and it was like “wow”. He went straight to the children to talk, then he came and beat his elbow and said thank you very much.

Then he said that the children could get out of the helicopter if they wanted to.

Mr. Cruz was with his colleague Heley Atwell for a movie near the Grand Central in Birmingham.

To make the day even more memorable for a stumbled family, the children were escorted by the pilot while the superstar was in attendance.

“It was an incredible day,” she said. It was real, I still can’t believe it happened.

Mr. Cruz has seen a lot of him in recent months and has taken the UK by storm during the filming of the Seventh Mission – Impossible.

He has appeared in England at Wimbledon for the tennis championship and the Wimbledon Euro 2020 final.


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