Tracy Kindergarten and Garden

Jamaican Labor Day FoodsTina is in Stockholm at CJ’s Jamaica & BBQ and they show us how to make Jamaican comfort food! See what delicious food they cook!

Lemon to raise awareness of mental healthJuliza Ortiz is 7 years old with lemon juice to help raise her mental health awareness. See where you can go to get her sweet lemon juice as she raises awareness!

Court Review – 9/6Courtney is here with Monday’s court hearing, she has achieved national success today! Play with us, maybe you will do better than John, Cody and Director Jonathan …

“Walking Dead” star Lori Forty joins us!The final season of “Traveler of the Dead” has begun on AMC, and Lauri Fortort (“Agata”) joins Cody to talk about the show!

Marvel Mini-BooksWe talk about the re-publication of Marvel Mini-Books by an author! See how hard the collectors are excited about this new release!

Middle City Art and Music Festival!Chalk It Up passes through the Mediterranean today, and executive director Christy Jordan shows us some of the beautiful chalk art that is being displayed in court and in Cody!

High Hill Farm is open!Apple Hill is open to fall, and how Molly is set on High Hill Farm!

Tracy Kindergarten and GardenTina is exploring all the greens and events you are planning in the Trance nursery and garden!

“Military Trial” – FairfieldJuliisa is a 6-year-old boy in Fairfield, farming, behind the “Soldier Challenge” where Fairfield’s small businesses can show support for our troops!

Get it out!We are in Sacramento for Fremont Park Chalk It Up! Art and Music Festival. See how these fun sidewalk arts light up the park!

Chateau Davel Wine FactoryMolly Reel is in the casino at Chato Davel Wine and they show us their latest wines! Also, see how you can help Caldor fire victims when buying wine from Chatou Davel.

The chandelier fire rises, the container rises as wellRecent fires show that more than 700 homes have been destroyed by wildfires.

Cigarettes were removed as a result of a Sacramento home fireNo injuries have been reported so far.

Firefighters are making progress on a bridge fire near AuburnThe fire increased to 300 acres[300 ha]in one night, but the ban was lifted.

Finish the year hard!Cody talks to life coach and inspirational speaker Dr. Anthony White, and he explains how we can finish 2021 just to prepare for a good 2022.

Tina (Makuha) met Tina (the goat)Tina Makuha with Tina Goat in Tracy. Check out Tina Milk Tina and see how goat milk is used in many ways to make a variety of products.

Farmer ClosingJuliisa Ortiz is in the farm of Claus Fairfield. See what clothes and jewelry you can have to add more sparkle to you and your home!

High Hill FarmMeet our new happy day member Molly Rail !! She’s showing us what delicious cakes she has on Hell Hill Farm!

Father’s Day jokeCheck out my dad’s joke today

Minutes to Win – BobbleheadsWell, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t …

Broadway International FestivalSacramento is a three-block festival of many cultures. Big Al tells us more.

Classic Truck Showcase, 2 Take … Success!Molly picks up where she left off at the famous truck show in Woodland!

Classic truck display, take 1Car collectors gather in Woodland to showcase 100-year-old classic trucks! Before the technical issues were resolved, Molly began to investigate. to be continued…

Magic Carpet GameFun games to play with family


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