Trio gardens are set for September 12th

Occidental Petroleum, Karmen and Billy Bryant, ConocoPhillips and Fasken Oil and Ranch 25Th Annual trio gardens that make Midland beautiful. This year’s event will take place on September 12, 1-4 p.m.

According to a beautiful news release from Keep Midland, “Tourists” can see three of Midland’s most beautiful gardens and learn the best ways of gardening and landscaping in Madland from Master gardeners and other professionals.

Participants in this year’s tour will be eligible to win a $ 500 gift certificate for Alredred Gardens – and support KMB!

All proceeds go to beautiful programs and projects in the Midland. Tickets are available in advance for $ 12 online at or QR code, or $ 15 per day for each event. Call 686-7745 for more information.

Information about each address will be available here as part of the tour.

3217 West Dengar Ave.

A young couple get married, buy a house, and completely renovate the yard. This is our first owner’s place. Come and see what he did and hear from the landlords themselves in this special place. The owners are interested in pollen and have beekeeping in the backyard to see. Stone paving and stone paving fences and clever use are bordered by native / adaptive plants and trees. And a covered terrace would make room for relaxing time.

4204 Skyline

In the courtyard in front of this garden, a landscape of stone, mulberry and broken granite is the first impression you get when you visit this magnificent garden. The landlord uses dripping irrigation, and there is no grass. The backyard is easily accessible, with colorful pots, magical decorations and two magnificent gardens. The gardener can share how to build your own rainwater harvesting system and how to build a beautiful and attractive landscape.

1609 N. I St.

Some Midlanders struggle with plants and trees growing in the shade, so be sure to check out the success of both trio gardens and backyards. Then go to the beautiful gardens and orchards. This inspiring garden completes the garden with a utility kitchen, barbecue area, grandchildren and the owner of the greenhouse. You will see home-made beds, action fertilizer and much more.

Source – Preserve the beauty of Midland

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