Truth and myths about how the garden grows

Dr. Linda Chalker: Scott is an Associate Professor of Vegetation at the University of Washington’s Center for Urban Development. She compiled scientifically based information in the book The Informative Gardener.

The book includes studies and resources to verify the information as true or false. I found this book interesting because it is one of the requirements for us as a master gardener. We need to learn science-based garden information and then share it with gardeners and anyone interested in the environment.

It reminds us that gardeners and landscaping professionals need to be more motivated and committed to promoting a sustainable environment than to achieve rapid results in agriculture.

Here are some of the truths and myths mentioned in the Chalker-Scott book.

Myth – If it is published, it must be true

How much of our gardening information do we get from advertisements for the production or promotion of often unconfirmed techniques?

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