Turner Flowers celebrates its 85th anniversary

Two defeats, a world war, and a global epidemic – the Ottawa Turner flowers have all been there. The Turner family has served the Ottawa community in one way or another for 85 years, and they have no plans to go anywhere soon.

It all started in 1936 when Ralph Turner started a greenhouse on a suburban farm. Forty years later, his son, Lille, decided to expand that greenhouse to half a hectare and used it to grow flowers for the newly opened flower shop on 8th and Hikri. “When I was a kid, I used to have a family wedding,” says Lil’s son Shawn. Lille finally closed the store in the 1980s, but continued to grow and sell flowers, fruits, and vegetables grown in the garden. Shawn recalls helping his parents load their car with flowers and fresh produce to sell at the farmer’s market each week. “I knew it was hard work, but it was just like my blood,” he said. In high school, he joined future American farmers, or FFNs, and began studying agriculture and horticulture at Kansas State University. While studying in Manhattan, Shawn returned to Ottawa every weekend to help his parents in the store. During Shaun’s second year, his father decided to open a shop in Addis Ababa, this time on the main street. On August 15, 2006, Turner bought flowers from a former florist in his previous store. Shawn College got a job teaching job, but he called Lil about two years later and asked him? Be willing to return to the store. Shaw said yes without hesitation. He is, in fact, in his blood.

Turner Greenhouse in the 1970s
Lille Turner on the farm in the 1970s

A.D. Since its opening in August 2006, Turner Flowers has tripled its sales. The turners provide flower arrangements for about 100 weddings and 250 funerals each year. “We have grown a lot. A.D. When we started in 2006, it was a real mom and pop shop. ” We have now built and developed a team of 12 part-time and three full-time employees, so it has grown a lot. Starting a new business in the middle of the year was not an easy task, but Shaun praised the location of the store downtown during the 2008 recession. “We love the city center. It is amazing how many ordinary consumers come in and out of the city. ”

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