Two thousand foreign ag workers arrive in NSW

Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall said more than 2,000 foreign agricultural workers have arrived in NSW in the past 12 months to help the industry overcome the shortage of manpower caused by Cowid.

Mr. Marshall said the shortage of workers in the agricultural sector continues to be at an alarming level, which is why the continued support of the NSW Government is so important.

The number of foreign agricultural workers we have helped to work in farms and meat processing plants in the state is now more than 2,000 – more than any other state, ”said Mr Marshall.

In order to minimize disruption to supply chains, “critical industry has the manpower it needs in this challenging time. This increase in manpower is an important step in ensuring our food supply.

“Workers are now rolling their hands from Morere to Juni, Lonton and Scoon, Gurara to Wag Wag and many more bush communities.

They have been very supportive of our fruit and vegetable processing industries.

In addition to supporting Mr. Marshall’s arrival, the NSW government provided financial assistance to agricultural businesses under the hotel’s independent subsidy program.

“We understand that hotel exclusion rates are a major obstacle for agricultural businesses, which is why we subsidize these costs by 50 percent,” said Mr Marshall.

“This subsidy reduces the cost of industry to $ 3,000 to $ 1,500 per person.

“NSW is the cheapest authority in the industry to bring in the most important aggressors in Australia, here it emphasizes the value we place on the agricultural sector.

According to the program, we have provided $ 2.86 million so far and this figure will continue to grow significantly while international borders are closed.

The arrival of more than 2,000 overseas agricultural workers has been approved in accordance with the Pacific Labor Program and the current Workers’ Program. Compulsory hotel exclusion in accordance with public health regulations applies to all international visitors.

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