Tyson provides a community garden to support staff

Some Tyson workers were involved in a special food production project.

The St. Joseph Tyson Foods Facility now has a community garden for staff and their families. Officials say the company wants to move to a more caring environment.

We do surveys with our team members every year, and some of the feedback we get is that they are more of an organizational environment and they need a more family environment, so we did a lot of things, but it was one community, ”said Morgan Arbelo, crop manager.

Behind the factory, three acres[3 ha]turned into a corn field during the summer. During the harvest week, families took home 15 to 20 ears of sweet corn each. The harvest was about 10,000 ears of corn.

Workers saw the benefits of the harvest and were amazed at its growth.

“They are happy,” Arbelo said. They did not know that we had much. We made it public, but they missed it and so they were very happy when we started choosing him. ”

The community garden was not created overnight. According to Arbelo, after receiving the results of the survey, the authorities need to know how to make some changes.

“There is a plant in Newburn, Tennessee, so we came up with some ideas,” she said. We probably started planning in March, and we had to get legal signs and contracts, so it was a long time.

Now plans are afoot to expand the garden to pumpkins and coriander greens. Tyson hopes to create a cornfield by the end of 2022.

Community gardens have become a growing trend in areas such as Bartlett Center and Weiss Totol Mensin.


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