UGJAYAN – Colleges will reopen on September 15 at 50% capacity

Ujjan: Due to restrictions on Covidy-19, colleges and university campuses will be closed for a year and a half starting September 15.

Sharing information on the allocation of offline education in colleges and universities, Cabinet Minister Mohan Yadav said on Saturday that the Department of Higher Education will launch offline studies in colleges following a good anti-covival vaccine. 50% capacity from mid-September.

Following the Covy Protocol, students attend educational institutions on alternate days. He said the new courses, which began at the University of Vikram in honor of NEPAD under the new Education Policy (NEP), will be completed by Governor Mangubai Patel on August 30.

NEP has been implemented in the region since the current school year. Under NEP Mandarin, 44 new courses have been launched in Ujjan. So far, agriculture has only been studied in public colleges, but now a course on agriculture has been started at Vikram University.

Along with agriculture, BSc Horticulture, BSc Forestry, MSc Agriculture, MSc Horticulture and MSc Forestry courses have also been started at Vikram University.

According to Yadav, NEP gives students the flexibility to go on to diploma courses with degree courses. They will also be given the option of choosing a medium course. NEP provides students with a bachelor’s degree after three years of study and a student with a bachelor’s degree in research after four years of study. Also, for students who drop out of middle school for any reason, there is no age limit in NEP, which allows them to continue at any time.

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Published: Sunday, August 29, 2021, 01:28 AM IST


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