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PEMBROKE – April Oxney discovered distrust of a computer screen during a regular online math test at the University of North Carolina at Pembrook.

Shows zero balance. Oxen immediately contacted the cashier’s office and was shocked to learn that the epidemic was one of about 1,300 students owed money, which allowed students to continue their education and start hundreds of semesters.

“I cried,” she said. I don’t work now, and at the time my son was having health problems, so this was an unexpected blessing.

Sophomore Xavier McLaurin was relieved to learn that he had incurred a debt of about $ 1,000.

“I know I have a balance from last semester. My family could not afford to pay, and I could not afford to work. So, I feel good that I was given a piece of paper and that I had a real chance to return this semester. I’m grateful, ”said McLaren.

At Scottish High School, a former student-athlete, McLaren plans to study physical education, hoping to one day become a football coach.

Oxidine plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in disciplinary education in December and find a place with the county school system.

UNCP has paid $ 5 million from HEERF III, a $ 3 billion rescue program for higher education institutions nationwide to serve students and continue education during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Out of the total funding, the university provided $ 3 million in housing wages and $ 1 million each for food and books. Some of the money was used to pay for library and parking fines.

The university allocated $ 59,000 last summer to help students who struggled with covide-19 results for the 2020-2021 academic year. The Brave Boost Scholarship Program is designed to help students improve their GPA and return to their academic goals.

“Many of our students come from low-income and / or economically disadvantaged districts in rural North Carolina, so it was a good idea to provide financial support for our students,” said Derrick Oxford, interim dean of the University College. And Assistant Chancellor for Student Success.

When students are out of balance for the previous semester or are ineligible for financial aid, the hard truth is that UNCP can lose that student forever. Brave Boost Scholarships and past debt relief have prevented this by eliminating the barriers to student retention, perseverance and graduation, ”he added.

Mark Lockler is a public relations officer for the University of North Carolina Communication and Marketing at the University of Pembroke.

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