Under the leadership of El Sinha, the J&K team is doing well – the Minister of Agriculture

For Sinmargar, September 09 – The Indian government has partnered with farmers, horticulturists, agricultural scientists and other stakeholders to get initial reviews from the Jammu and Kashmir Public Relations Program, the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Security and two foreign ministers. There are many charitable programs and policies in the region.

The Minister was accompanied by his two deputies – State Minister for Agriculture and Agricultural Safety (MOSA), Kylish Chudhari and MOS Smt Sushri Shobha Karandlaje. He shared Vvk, an adviser to the Latin governor, Faruk Khan, an additional secretary for agriculture and FV. Secretary-General of Agriculture and FF (J and K Government), Navin Chuhari. Ministry of Agriculture and FF Joint Secretary, Rajbir Singh; Managing Director NAFED, SK Chadda; Additional Secretary, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Goi, Satya Prakash, Director General of Horticulture Kashmir, Ajaz A. Baht; The event was attended by Director of Agriculture Kashmir, Chuhari Mahed Iqbal and other stakeholders.

Calling the Indian Crown, G and Ken said the region is an important part of the country’s development. He said the region is shoulder to shoulder with the country’s development and development. He made the remarks during a meeting with farmers, apple growers and horticulturists at the Zura Sirinagar Center of Excellence.

The Minister was responding to a number of issues raised by farmers during the interaction with the visiting Gob Group of Ministers. Among the issues raised by gardeners were the lack of loans from other banks, the initial policy, the MIS program for C-level Apple production, Fasil Bima Yojan for apples, and so on.

Considering the initiative taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi since he came to power, Mr. Tommar said many plans have been implemented across the country for the safety of farmers and farmers, and there has been a change in the landscape.

While praising the Jinkke administration and Lt. Gen. Mano Sina, the minister said the region was suffering from some problems but said that with the untreated efforts of Prime Minister Modi, JK was making progress and playing its part in the country’s development.

“The J&K team is doing well, especially under the leadership of LG Sinha. Mr. Sinha is a visionary leader and the people of J&K are fortunate to lead such a leader. ”

From Kashmir, the Minister is with farmers and farmers in the central government in all respects and in the coming days you will see a new and dynamic J&K.

On the occasion, the Minister assured that the loan will be extended to other banks. Emphasizing the government’s commitment to rural farmers, the government has taken a number of practical steps for these farmers, doubling the benefits of plans and other agricultural mechanization.

He said the government will ensure that farmers are connected to high-density infrastructure through agricultural infrastructure.

The ministers inspected the center’s laboratory-kum training center and were told that the center has facilities to produce high-quality fruit plants, micro-irrigation, high-tech greenhouse technology, tissue culture laboratories, bio-control laboratories and weather forecasts. In addition to tools to analyze fruit diseases such as itching, leaf blight, brown rot, etc., and staff training.

To increase productivity, they were told about the proliferation of modern greenhouse technologies and the large number of apple orchards.

The ministers inspected the walnut germplasm bank, which contains a variety of walnuts. The ministers also visited the ICAR-Central Fruit and Vegetable Institute in Old Air, Range.

Gob ministers are said to be the backbone of the region’s economy by supporting small-scale crops of 10-12 million people and generating about 13,000 million rubles a year. Of the various crops, apple and walt are the medium-sized fruit crops, with 75% and 65% of the total fruit yield respectively.

Apple’s total production in India is estimated at 28 million MT, of which 20 lakh MTs are produced by J&K.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Tommer said there is a great potential for strengthening the apple fruit system under HDP with better varieties, better color, aroma, shelf life, shape, etc. for better consumer acceptance and market demand.

He said ICAR-CITH Srinagar has become a technology hub for tropical crops and the number of farmers affiliated with CITH is increasing day by day.

During the ceremony, the ministers planted seedlings of various fruit trees at the ICAR-CIH compound.

The Minister of Agriculture inaugurated the Technology Park and observed the variety of fruits on display at CITH Vision apples, walnuts, almonds, chestnuts, hazelnuts, cherries, olives, permons, Kashmir Nak, etc.

The minister inspected a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as apples, peaches, walnuts, cherries, etc.

On the occasion, the Minister of Agriculture, NS Tomar, also graduated Grammy Krishna Masum Sawa (GKMS) E-Graduate to provide weather advice to farmers.


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