Untreated garbage flowing into parks, residents say | Guragon News – Indian Times

GURGEN – Residents of Sera 92 said they were concerned about the illegal dumping of untreated sewage into the open road and the green belt near their home community. Residents blame RSN for not only the health risks but also the environmental damage.
850 kg. A potable sewage treatment plant (STP) has been set up in the community, but residents say the process is not being monitored regularly. “The untreated water was previously used for horticultural purposes, which caused a foul odor, so when we raised our concerns, the RSA began to release health risks out of the community,” said Chaula.
Other residents have repeatedly complained to the authorities that they are simply deaf. Another resident, Preven Malik, said:
“The stagnant water is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which poses a serious health risk to the community. Despite their concerns, RSA is not paying attention to them. ”
However, RSA dismissed the claims as “baseless.”
“Our STP is doing its best and we have not violated any laws,” said Hariom Vishwakarma, president of the RIA. Levels 1 and 2 of our society are low-complex buildings that have been flooded due to heavy rains on Monday. So far, we are using the treated water in the community and in the Green Beln area for fruit and vegetable purposes.
“We have received a complaint from the residents and we have asked permission from the headquarters to investigate.


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