Update new world server news and business, creative and missing gear notes

Fans of New World can download a new update for the Amazon gameplay. The latest New World Update features complete game fixes and bug fixes to solve some of the biggest problems caused by the latest patch. This increases the number of moths coming down from elemental enemies. Amazon further clarifies: “We have also avoided collecting nutrients as a reward and have reduced the amount of other resources available to them in order to increase their numbers and the frequency of their resuscitation.”

Although the game appears to be back online, the only obstacle to the new upgrade is server downtime. It is still important to keep an eye on the server, as Amazon is still taking the game offline for further maintenance. Express Online keeps this story up-to-date with all the latest events.

As for the rest of the patch notes, the New World will fix the missing Horticulture collection tools. This caused the players to lose gear by mistake. Amazon also looks at issues with the arts, housing, business and servers. You can see the full New World Plaster notes below.

Coming from Elemental Enemies

• Fixed a problem that caused a large number of motes to fall from elementary enemies.

– We have also avoided collecting nutrients as a reward and reduced the amount of other resources available to them, taking into account their number and repetition in the world.

-The first purpose of these creatures was to make them challenging and occasionally connected in the world.

– The methods we use in practice have become less and less dangerous, which has led to a balance in the amount of resources they provide compared to major elements such as elemental plants and stones.

Missing Horticultural Gear

– In our latest update, we made a mistake that we accidentally removed from the game by looking at all in-game Horticultural Harvest gear as future content.

– We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

– If you lose your harvest armor, you should have an additional reward chest in Inventory after this upgrade.

– These prize boxes are fully equipped with any horticultural product you have previously received.

– They are rolling for the highest Gear Score for that level, and can be used at any level to equip them.

– These items are marked as Bind on Equip, just like any other piece of furniture. After you open the chest, you will be given 5 items:

– Harvest hat

– Harvest shirt

– Harvest gloves

– Harvest trousers

– Harvest shoes


• Retail, move, and save furniture.


• Jewel crafting Recipe Fixed bug that does not provide enough business skills XP.

– Recently, when a player reaches a new level of craftsmanship with each skill, we have reduced the amount of business skills offered by low-level items.

– To use metal as an example, you earn less money by making metal recipes when the player opens steel recipes.

– We do this by developing high-quality items and improving the price of high-quality materials as business skills develop.

– The purpose behind this change is to reward players for creating high-quality items as players progress through each level of business skills.

– Before this change, we have seen players spend a lot of time making low-level items instead of pushing their craft skills to their current level.


• Buy players from local storage shades Fixed an issue where they could not complete orders.


• Technical basis for server integration

• War performance improvements

General bug fixes

• Void Gauntlet – If the player changes weapons during skill start, adjust so that it does not go cold.

• Void Gauntlet – Adjust the consumption status of the void gauntlet

• Jewelcrafting fixes the problem of not providing the right amount of XP for advanced crafting.

• Fixed an issue that prevented players from achieving Lumberjack success.

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