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Pat Kotts, who died on August 30, had been organizing a four-oak trade show in Cheshire for half a century – read her birth story here.

Four Oaks’ Christina Walker split ribs – ” The sauce you want? You can have a good cup from me. Cheshire’s friendship and a truly special 14-year relationship began. This was after she was cut off from what was needed to work with her at the four Oak trade shows: she makes high stakes in everything and nothing less.

“These two traits really sum up what I know of Pat – she combines amazing drive, strong work ethic and professionalism with great warmth, kindness and good humor. Pat gave everything for the success of the business and accumulated great joy. She has worked tirelessly to grow the event into a major international trade show, successfully bringing together the horticulture industry and supporting businesses she loves. Their success was her greatest reward. Every Wednesday night we are anxious, exhausted, excited about the exhibition’s success stories, and happy that we were relieved and challenged to organize a big event, remembering the humorous and sometimes non-humorous events of that year’s show. ‘We did it again!’ We speak and embrace. It was always a time of reflection and emotion, for he would return the next day to clean up the site and discuss plans for next year. I miss that hug so much.

“I have learned a lot from Pat and I have had the privilege of introducing her to a unique horticultural, fearless, determined female horticultural legend. I was going to visit Pat this week to complete the statement. Retirement and the most rewarding life achievement award from Gardening Week for Fruit and Vegetable Service. It is never appropriate to leave this statement – Pat often says she does not want to retire. And Pat happily offered to serve her gardening industry.

“RIP Pat Coutts – friend, boss, mentor, inspiration.”

Football coach Stuart Lowein said, “Pat called me at Maxxfieldfield in the last days and said he was looking forward to returning home. Telling the last one was a very difficult conversation. They said good-bye to each other. But that was an organized pat to the end.

“The whole team on the ball is incredibly saddened by Pat’s loss. She was, in fact, one of the most prolific characters in the industry. I know Pat for her with incredible warmth, help and joy. Under her personal pressure, she always puts friends, co-workers and exhibitors first – she is the true spirit of the Four Oaks trade show. Pat immediately became friends with anyone who was happy to meet her and longed for many. Throughout our industry. We send our deepest condolences to Pat’s family.

Neil Brag said, “If he had given so much to the UK gardening industry, he would have been able to manage the show and watch all the exhibitions, even during the years she was in the nursery. Very young children can still participate in the exhibitions.

Sally Cunningham, a gardener, said: “I’m sorry to hear that, I heard she was sick but I didn’t really appreciate her. Pat has always been very friendly, helpful and hospitable to everyone in the Four Oaks. it becomes.

Just one example: After I boarded from Sester to make my motorcycle safer, it had a place locked in the closet for one day every year in early September – before I made a quick change before the women visited the show! Compassion and best wishes to the family, as well as to everyone in the Kindergarten and Four Oaks scene.

In the early days of the exhibition, the exhibition, which started with Four Oaks as Finnie Lock seeds, later became PAC. , And many years later he returned wearing a different hat. Pat always entertained us, and I was on stage until my retirement in 2017.

In all that she did, she was always remembered for her warmth and friendship in a professional way. We exchange Christmas cards every year, and last year we learned about the card’s fight against cancer. Pat called me in less than three weeks. Through her partner, to tell me that the end is near. It was not an easy conversation for me, but my wife and I were so humiliated that they pushed me to tell their friends about her death.

“Pat has left a remarkable character in the success of the four Oaks trade shows and remains a very courageous and caring person for all of us. Let her rest in peace.

Walter and Plant Stephen Page: “We miss one of the greatest characters in English gardening. Con comfort to her family and friends Con. RIP Pat.

“She was the face of four oaks. Consolation to her family, Con,” said Florida Funeral Home.

Arthur Murray, of C / Hethertington, Chandlers Garden Center and A&S agencies, said: At the first Four Oaks show and every visit as a buyer and exhibitor she always greeted and remembered your name.

“Please convey all your grief and sympathy to Pat’s family,” said Pope Paul Cook. She was a shining light in the garden and drove the Four Oaks scene to great heights. She greeted everyone with a smile and had time for everyone. It leaves a huge emptiness that is missed and filled. RIP Pat Your legacy will always be remembered.

Seiont Nurseries’ Neil Alcock’s death is “sad news,” said Woodlands wholesaler Jamie Downs.

Neil Dunn: “It is sad to hear this: Our grief for colleagues, friends and family; Reach: With all this, Dura ID. ”

“The British gardening industry, which has worked tirelessly to promote all our businesses through the Four Oaks Show, said: He escapes by the nature of the true spirit and sadly.

“Tragic news,” said Ian Riggs of South Trinidad.

“Hard news. She misses him. ” Phil Evans said, “The emptiness left by Pat remains. I pray that Four Oaks will continue in its original form to commemorate her and her legacy. Getting to know her was more than a matter of chance. “It’s so sad to hear that,” said John Chiffers.

“Unfortunately, our thoughts are with her family and friends,” said Ian Penteni, manager of Classiflora Importers.

Jennifer Brody, Technical Director of Remin (Scotland): “It is very sad to read Pat Kotts. A.D. I was amazed when he showed rock dust on Four Oaks in 2008, sharing a position with Grazers Ltd. How well Pat looked at us all. There is nothing disturbing and the yellow T-shirt of her teammates is a testament to her free lunch, tea, coffee and biscuit assistants, the general atmosphere of friendship, and of course the assurance that has been secured. How to care for new people. Thanks to Pat, REMIN Limited’s partnership with Agralan Limit. Rest in peace Good lady, you miss her so much.

“My goodness, what a myth,” said Mark Smith, director of Key Basics. Pat needs to know more than anyone else in the industry. And he was loved by all. I wish you all the best for your family and co-workers. ”

“We’ve worked for Pat for 18 years at the Four Oaks trade show, and I have to say that I’m not a more professional customer, she was the kind person she wanted.” To meet, and one of the hardest working women I’ve ever met. RIP Pat, you miss it so much.

“I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with Pat and get acquainted with Pat for so many years,” said Heinmarket Royce Kennedy. Pat was a top Oaks show going up and down to make sure everyone was well cared for, she was really special. I am sorry that she passed away, but I am not surprised that she maintained her charm and determination to the end. She longs for the vast fruit and vegetable industry that she has become friends with.

HTA President Boyd Douglas-Davis organized a four-oaks show for anyone who grows or sells endless energy and enthusiasm. She had the ability to be everywhere, she always seemed and never was without a big smile. ”

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