urban-gro, Inc. Folding Key Design Communication Agreement 100,000 sqm Development Facility in New York Building E29 Labs Small Business Owned


Lafayette, Colo., May 31, 2022 (Globe Newsvier) – City-Gro, Inc. Construction Management (EPC) is a design-building company focused on horticulture and, in particular, value-added home-grown environmental control (CEA) today at E29 Labs, Inc. Announces the signing of an agreement with E29. Laboratories) A ​​black woman-owned cannabis manufacturing company providing complete architectural, engineering, and design services for the construction of approximately 100,000 square feet of cannabis factory in New York State. Once licensed, the agreement stipulates that E29 Labs will be a design-building partner to complete the city-building.

Shelley Roberts, CEO of E29 Labs, commented: “We look forward to working with City-Gro to gain their deep experience and expertise in in-house CEA as we plan for our high-performance facility. As we grow our industrial space into productive, vibrant development, we look forward to leveraging the key urban design-building capabilities of the historic Kanjohari village. As a socially active business, our goal is to be a force to be reckoned with and a force to be reckoned with.

Chairman and CEO Bradley Natras added, “We look forward to working with E29 Labs and immediately launching the new in-house CAA facility identification key architecture, engineering and agricultural design process. . Once we have successfully completed the licensing of our new construction management company, we will complete the construction, equipment integration and commissioning work. City-Gro can bring exceptionally well-suited home skills to this dynamic project and we are proud to support New York’s social equity business cannabis development in the process.

About E29 Labs, Inc.
E29 Labs, co-founded by Shelley Roberts, Sheldon Roberts and Cannabis-Business veteran Michael Dandas, has been a market leader in New York’s new cannabis manufacturing and processing industry and has been bringing knowledge, best practices and business success for years. To this operation. E29 Labs, as a black, female-owned business, is excited to be part of the industry’s few businesses. Following the passage of the New York State Marijuana Regulation and Tax Law (MRTA) in April 2021, E29 Labs secured a 19-acre site on the site of the former Bitch nut factory at Exit 29, New York State Thruway. Named by the company. With strong support from village and county leaders, the project will rejuvenate the area and bring economic development and high-paying jobs to Canajoharie.

About Urban-Gro, Inc.
urban-gro, Inc.® (Nasdaq: UGRO) is a fully integrated Architecture Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPC) design-building company focused on indoor horticulture and especially value-added in-house supervision. . Agriculture (“CEA”). With more than 500 CE projects around the world covering millions of square feet, we design, build, and integrate high-performance infrastructure. The City-Gro-Kerpu managed services platform uses the company’s expertise to reduce working hours, provide ongoing services and streamline farm facilities. As a full-service, La Carte and complete turnkey, design-building solutions provider in the crop-agnostic in-house CAA and commercial market sectors, we deliver a single point of responsibility in all sectors from end to end. . Visit urban-gro.com to learn more.

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