urban-gro, Inc. June 2022 announces conference participation


Lafayette, Colo., June 01, 2022 (Globe News) – City-Gro, Inc. Construction Management (EPC) Design-Construction Enterprise (CEA) announced today that it will participate in the upcoming June Conference on Horticulture and Valuable Valued Indigenous Agriculture (CEA).

  • LD Micro Invitation XII, Westlake Village, CA, June 7-8 Continuing Dick Acrylic, CFO and Dan Droller, Investment Relations and Enterprise Development EVP, will host the event on Tuesday, June 7 at 11 ፡ 30 p.m. Attend one-on-one investor meetings. The live audio webcast is available at ir.urban-gro.com in the news and events section of the company’s investment website.

  • Step 2022 Cross Sector Insight Conference, Boston, MA, June 8-9, Bradley Nattrass, Chairman and CEO will hold one-on-one investors’ meetings throughout the day.

  • Greentech Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 14-16, City-Gro shows at Booth 05.450CA. Lucas Targos, Vice President of Supervising Environmental Agriculture, will host the Cultivation Facility Design at the Drug Cannabis and Veterinary Theater Forum on Tuesday, June 14 at 6 pm ET / 12 ፡ 30 pm local time. Bradley Natrasus Chairman and CEO and Eri Camp is the Managing Director of Urban Europe Europe BV.

  • Barclay Symposium on Food and Agricultural Sustainable TechnologiesNew York, New York, June 22 ፡ The company will participate in the panel.

  • 8We Annual Root London Conference, London, UK, June 21-22, Bradley Natrasus, Chairman and CEO, and Ari Camp, Managing Director of Urban-Gro Europe BV, will hold one-on-one investors’ meetings.

To schedule a one-on-one meeting with management at these conferences, attendees should contact @ urban-gro.com or their conference host representative.

About Urban-Gro, Inc.
urban-gro, Inc.® (Nasdaq: UGRO) is a fully integrated architectural design, engineering, procurement and construction management (EPC) design-building company focused on horticulture and especially value-added in-house control. (“CEA”). With more than 500 CE projects around the world covering millions of square feet, we design, build, and integrate high-performance infrastructure. The City-Gro-Kerpu managed services platform uses the company’s expertise to reduce working hours, provide ongoing services and streamline farm facilities. As a full-service, La Carte and complete turnkey, design-building solutions provider in the crop-agnostic in-house CAA and commercial market sectors, we deliver a single point of responsibility in all sectors from end to end. . Visit www.urban-gro.com To find out more.

Investor contacts:
Dan Droller – City-Gro, Inc.
EVP Enterprise Development and Investment Relations
Jeff Sonkeck – ICR, Inc.
(720) 730-8160

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(650) 269-9530

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