USAAP elects Chris Alper board chairman for 2021-22 – perishable news

CHICAGO – Apple has appointed a new chairman to chair the board of directors of Apple Corps. Michigan producer Chris Alper of RedPath Orchards and Alpers Farms will serve 2021-22.

A third-generation producer, Alpres is the manager of Rapad Vegetable Farms and Alpine Farms and is a partner in the sale of alpine trees at Lake Lilana, Mick Lake, where he grows apples, as well as sweet and roasted cherries.

Alpine leadership in the USA began in He was elected as the young Apple leader in 2014 and has since continued, including three years of service as a USApple officer. His most recent role was Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the USPP and Chairman of the Organization’s Government Affairs Committee. He also served as chairman of the Communications Committee.

“Chris is a combination of positive attitude, parental knowledge, and agricultural policy intelligence,” said Jim Bair, president and CEO of USAP. He was the first person to testify at the last hearing on the last farm bill, the kind of policy leadership we look forward to. Although he was busy running a successful orchard and had two small children, he never asked for a shoulder to shoulder. ”

In addition to leading USApple, he serves on the Michigan Apple Committee, the West Michigan Research Station, another City Council Board, and the Michigan State Horticultural Association Board, and serves as research chair. He holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Northern Michigan University. His wife, Jessica, is a sixth-generation producer, and their two children, Raymond and Harper, are the seventh generation.

Alper will replace Mike Sebakin, chairman of the USP in 2020-21, as the marketing director for Domex Suffrey’s Farmers in Washington.

USApple 2021-22 Elected Board Officers include: Brenda Briggs, p. Steve Clement, lie, writer, and Craig Hinkle, PA, treasurer.

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