USDA provides $ 1 billion in epidemic assistance to contract farmers

Nearly seven months after Trump’s plan was scrapped, the Binding administration has up to $ 1 billion in pork and poultry producers on Tuesday to make up for the outbreak. More than $ 8 billion in epidemic assistance to farmers and pastoralists since March.

The $ 400 million program to donate dairy products to food banks is expected to grow by Wednesday. The dairy donation program, just like a contractor for aid, was on the USAD list that could be implemented this summer.

“The outbreak has had a major impact on agricultural producers and we have made significant progress since March,” said Zach Duchenex, director of the Agricultural Services Agency, which oversees agricultural subsidies. He said more aid would be announced in the coming weeks.

Despite large sums of money, USAID data show that since April 5, the USADA Umbrella Program, the COPAVA Food Assistance Program (CFAP), has distributed relatively little $ 570 million to producers. Farmers who raise pigs, chickens and eggs according to the contract of the animal owner.

“It should not take more than half a year to get hard help,” said Sen. John Bozman, Arkansas Republican Sen. I urge USAA to process this (the long-awaited help of the much-needed manufacturers) as soon as possible.

Payments are calculated by 80% of the difference between 2020 earnings and 2018 or 2019 revenues. Manufacturers can choose the year that best represents their work. Applications can be paid by October 12, if more than $ 1 billion is claimed for contract farmers in the December 2020 Coronavirus package.

A.D. Expansion in 2020, who entered the workforce in 2020 or It includes “additional flexibility” to include farmers who had no income for 12 months in 2018 or 2019.

Zip Duval, president of the U.S. Bureau of Agriculture, said: When restaurants and schools closed, the urge for fresh food disappeared almost overnight. Disruption of food supplies has left businesses out of contract.

Special crop producers who are already eligible for CFAP payments are also eligible to apply. He said they could use 2018 or 2019 as a comparison point for their losses in 2020. With the current version of CFAP, $ 2.68 billion has been paid to unique crop producers. Special crops, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, orchards, and seedlings are grown in a small part of the United States, but they are valued at one pound or so.

Since the coronavirus payments began in May 2020, USDA sent $ 24.4 billion directly to manufacturers.

The Binding administration announced in the early days that it was suspending the rules of the Trump administration. The embargo included $ 3 billion for USIS on January 15, $ 1.98 billion for contract producers, up to $ 810 million for pig farmers’ payments, and $ 210 million for grass, tin, and livestock products.

The homepage for the USDA Epidemic Assistance Program is here.

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