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Yeast has been used by humans for thousands of years, primarily by vitamins B, C and D, peptides, amino acids, and in beverages such as silica, triangular chromium, phosphorus, selenium, and iron. Yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is it To the kingdom Mushrooms, with mushrooms and mold. OhFten on fruit peel, It looks like a white cover on black grapes or black plums.

Yeast in our culture is it They are known for making bread and donuts, breweries, and alcoholic beverages. Yeast facilitates yeast that converts carbohydrates into alcohol and carbon dioxide – seen as a foam in alcoholic beverages Or Baking like small holes in baked dough.

There is a lot of yeast – some are good for baking, others are good for brewing alcoholic beverages. Yeast can also be used as a medicine and as an ingredient in natural cosmetics.

This it Constructive Fungi We‘ve He is drunk It can also be useful for thousands of years In Our garden as fertilizer Or Reproduction Or uncorrected. In addition to obtaining nutrients, plants also use roots from colonies Offers Protection from harmful organisms.

Yeast-based fertilizer

There are many ways to prepare yeast-based fertilizers. Some call for flour or old bread to be added to leaven. Others recommend adding calcium and potassium to the ash soil and filling it with broken egg shells.

A ship fertilizer is prepared in one container With Capacity of 3 gallons. Start with 1 ounce dry yeast and 1 cup sugar mixed Then add 2 to 4 cups of warm water. Later One or two Hours, lighten The mixture With 2 ½ Gallon of hot water.

The water used should not be from the tap. Rainwater, or water previously used for cooking or pouring vegetables – could be another good way Reuse.

To make a mixture of yeast, sugar and water, they must be kept at room temperature for a week. THe mixed It must then be dissolved 1 cup mixture to 2 ½ Gallon of water.

It is easy to make non-toxic fertilizer. Mx 1 ounce dry yeast with 2 ½ Gallon of hot water. An hour later the product is ready for use.

When to use yeast fertilizers

Yeast-based fertilizer can be used for all gardens and houseplants, in spite Especially suitable for tomatoes, pumpkins and strawberries. Encourages rooting, so the first application should take place when the plants are still small seedlings. The application must be repeated when the plants bloom. The third application must occur when the fruit is displayed. It is not recommended to use the mixture more than three times during growth.

Yeast-based crop protection spray

Yeast can be used to keep your farm safe instead of using pesticides, herbicides or fungi.

Solve 1 ounce dry yeast in 2 cups soft, whole, especially unpasteurized milk. The mixture is then melted in 2 ½ Gallon of hot water.

To make the spray stick to the ground, adding a tablespoon of natural potassium soap is a good idea, Or S.Ome, add two drops of dish soap. The mixture can be sprayed or easily sprayed from top to bottom on plants and under leaves.

Com can be applied weekly to prevent delayed contaminationMon water mold Phytophthora infestans, And fungal invasion b Erysiphales sp. which one It causes a white coating on the leaves and botrytis. Tomatoes, pumpkins, strawberries, and roses benefit more from this spray. The yeast on the surface of the plant tends to be more competitive than any other creature. They are known to cause no harmful metabolism and do not harm any bacterial intestinal tract when treated. Foods.

By Joanna Rosinska

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