Vaccination obligations for many New York workers have been suspended by judges

Many New York residents will not be able to continue working and be vaccinated against covine. for now.

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On Tuesday, a New York federal judge issued a temporary restraining order regarding immunization obligations for medical staff. In Utica, Judge David Hard ruled that the vaccine could not be enforced on health care workers seeking religious freedom.

He said the charges against 17 medical workers were violating their right to immunization.

“The same front line health care workers, who have been hailed as heroes by the media for treating coviary patients before vaccinations, including the same plaintiffs, should be excluded from the community as long as they are vaccinated. , ”Reports ABC. (Covid vaccines) violate their religious beliefs, are not as effective as they should be, and are clearly aware of and exacerbate serious and even life-threatening side effects.

The state of New York recently ordered all health care workers to be vaccinated on September 27.

The state is considering all legal options, according to Governor Kathy Hohlul’s press secretary.

“Governor Hochuul is doing everything in its power to protect New York residents and fight delta diversity by increasing the region’s immunization rates. Vaccination of health care workers is crucial to this fight, ”said Hazel Krampton-Hays.

Hours later, a New York state judge temporarily suspended New York City from requesting that education workers be vaccinated against COVID-19. Judge Lawrence L. Love announced that the unions on both sides could go to court on September 22.

“We believe our members should get the vaccine, but we don’t think it should be working conditions,” the district council executive director, Henry Garido, told the New York Post. The struggle is not over, but we are empowered by this decision and we are ready to continue on behalf of our members.

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