Various stakeholders discuss J&K biodiversity strategy and action plan

Siringah August 28 (KSS) – The J&K Biodiversity Council today held a stakeholder meeting with Celestial Land to develop a Jammu and Kashmir biodiversity strategy and action plan.

Sanjeev Verma, Commissioner / Secretary, Department of Forests, Ecology and Environment, was the guest of honor at the event.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Shakil Romsho; Class Commissioner, Kashmir, Pondurang K. Paul; Forest Superintendent (HFF) Dr. Mohit Gera; Director, SFRI and Addl. PCCF, h. Asaph Mahmoud Sagar; Director, Environmental Protection Dr. Neelu Gera; Director of Social Forest, Roshan Jaggi and other department heads, scientists and experts from Kashmir University, SKAUST and other institutions, NGOs and members of civil society.

The meeting was held in 1999 in accordance with the National Directive issued by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF and CC) in 1999 to develop a national and regional biodiversity strategy and action plan.

Speaking on the occasion, the Commissioner emphasized the importance of climate change mitigation and the development of the J&K biodiversity and the J&K biodiversity conservation strategy and action plan. He expressed satisfaction with the development of the J&K Strategic and Action Plan document and emphasized the need to make the document comprehensive and inclusive.

He urged the departments to work together to create a strong strategy and action plan. He also highlighted the role of the document in guiding the future development of J&K. They have recently confirmed all administrative support during its development and publication process.

Dr. Romsoo highlighted the importance of the document by emphasizing that we are at the crossroads of environmental change. He told us that it was ‘now or never’. He emphasized that the next generation would be in grave danger if we did not act within the next 10 years. He called on all stakeholders, including scientists, scholars, bureaucrats, industry experts and others, to play their part in building a sustainable future for our generation.

PCC and HFF J&K, Chair of the Biodiversity Council, also highlighted the vulnerability of climate change and its link to biodiversity. He said J&K’s proposed biodiversity strategy and action plan will be a key document in preparing the council’s future plans in the coming years. The inclusion of the document strengthens collaboration between the various departments within J&K, leading to sustainable development of climate intelligence and biodiversity awareness.

Dr. Gera discusses forestry and other primary sectors such as agriculture, horticulture, fisheries and sheep and livestock adaptation and adaptation to climate change.

Celestial Earth CEO Dr. Anindia Bahtacharia highlighted the importance of a biodiversity conservation action plan at J&K and highlighted the process of preparing the document in accordance with the guidelines of the National Biodiversity Authority. He also discussed the need for stakeholder consultation to make the document relevant and relevant to J and K.

At three technical meetings on natural resource conservation, climate change and biodiversity conservation, a shareholder consultation meeting was held to conclude the draft strategy and action plan.

Earlier, the meeting was hosted by Asaf Mahmoud Sagar and Irfan Ali Shah. (KNS)


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