Vedata will help the Jarguda farmers to start their livelihoods after the second wave

JARGUDUDA: India’s largest producer of aluminum and additives, Vedata Aluminum, has helped farmers resume their livelihoods after the second wave of Kovi by distributing cash crops such as cash crops and vermicompost to local farmers in Jarguda. The Vedanta Jaruguda Sustainable Livelihoods Project (JVVA) is aimed at introducing small and renaissance farmers to better, more efficient and sustainable farming methods, including increasing productivity and sustainable return on agricultural investment.

Vidanta also organized a training and consultative visit to Sundra Delki, Assistant Horticulture Bureau – Colbira Block (Jarguguda) in Odisha State to facilitate access to expert advice on farmers’ crop management. In addition to mobilizing farmers on the benefits of organic farming and seed management, he spoke about various government plans that could benefit farmers.

Speaking on Vidanta’s intervention in sustainable living, Mr. Dipak Prades, D.C. CEO: Vedanta Limited, Jarguguda, “Sustainable living conditions are a key focus of our community development agenda, and we have many projects that have a significant impact on the skills development, women’s empowerment, agriculture, entrepreneurship, etc. We are supporting local communities in various ways to help them recover from the effects of COVID-19. We are constantly striving to promote a prosperous lifestyle in the region, which will bring long-term socio-economic development and sustainable benefits to our local communities.

Mr. Sundra Delki, Assistant Vegetable Development Office – Collabira Block (Jarsuda), Government of Odisha, lauds the company’s initiative, saying, Their JVV Sumridhi project has benefited many farmers in the region by promoting better and more efficient agricultural practices. I would like to thank Vidantan for introducing advanced farming practices as well as best practices in land and water management to the benefit of more than 250 farming families to date. Vedanta-supported farmers have also been able to get more wealth and better results by adapting to various government initiatives.

A.D. Launched in 2017 by Jeevika Samridhhi, Vedanta and Sewa (Social Education for Women Awareness), Jarguguda is a joint initiative. The main points of this project

· It is currently being implemented in the villages of Gudigon, Ledamal and Siripali with more than 250 farmers.

· Key pillars of the project are the formation of agricultural production cluster and the formation of agro-industrial enterprises, irrigation infrastructure development in collaboration with government plans, the introduction of raw materials in cereal farming practices, technology integration to increase productivity, post-harvest management and marketing, integration of government plans and farmers’ skills Trainings.

To date, more than 58 million investments have been made for the project in line with various government plans.

· Vedanta is working to register more farmers on the initiative of organizing regular consultation sessions for farmers in agriculture and horticulture practices.

· During the epidemic, Vidanta digitated information related to agriculture and updates for local farmers through online collaboration forums, WhatsApp messaging, etc. to provide them with up-to-date information that is important to them.

· Domestic income of farmers registered for the project has increased by 43.48%.

· Due to the resources and improved irrigation facilities provided by JVICA Samrididihi, 70% of the farmers now produce all year round. This is a significant change from the previous season.

Vidanta Social Interventions in the areas of sustainable livelihoods, quality education, women’s empowerment, health, water and sanitation, bio investment and community infrastructure will reach a total of 72 villages in and around Jarsuda, benefiting nearly 80,000 people a year. Encourages more than 4,000 women over 339 SHGs, provides health care services to 32,000 people annually, provides educational support to more than 6,400 students, and has grown more than 1.48 million trees in partnership with the community at the community level.

Vedata is India’s largest green steel producer of aluminum, operating a 1.6 MTAAAAAA AAAAA AAAAM Aquarium and a 3615 MW power plant in Jarzugda, Odisha. Vidanta Jarshguda, the only Indian mixer in the global ‘1 Million Tons’ production and export club, is a leader in value-added aluminum products with critical applications in major industries. One of the country’s most technically competent and diverse workforce, the company is working on a sustainable and green future for all by inspiring the ‘future metal’ aluminum applications.

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