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Vegan and animal rights groups have rejected a campaign to promote meat and dairy consumption as part of a UK diet.

Launched in January by the Board of Agriculture and Fruit Development, the 1.5m pound “Balanced Eat” campaign promotes the consumption of meat and milk as part of a “healthier and healthier lifestyle”.

It includes television, online and newspaper ads, YouTube videos, and Facebook ads.

The campaign advertised that red meat and dairy products are a source of B12 and protein, and B12 helps reduce fatigue and fatigue, and protein contributes to normal bone repair.

Some of the advertisements in the campaign contained beef, pork, lamb and milk containing vitamin B12, a message that is “an essential ingredient in a vegan diet.”

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Complaints related to three cases, according to ASA.

None of his advertisements were misleading because they were misleading.

According to the fish report, the complainants said the advertisements were misleading.

* “Evidence suggests that this is not the case.”

* “Meat and dairy products are needed to get vitamin B12.” And

* “Indicates that cattle used in the UK are grazed outside the home and have little environmental impact.”

In response, the Board of Agriculture and Agricultural Development said the campaign was designed to address common consumer misconceptions about red meat and dairy products in Britain and to highlight the role of red meat compared to other sectors in the UK. And dairy products played a role in nutrition.

Red meat and dairy products are included in the government’s Etwell directive, which states that plant-based foods “are not natural sources of vitamin B12 and have been confirmed by the NHS website and the Vegan Association’s website.” .

According to HDD, it is true that British cattle are grazed outside the home.

The image and syntax used in the advertisements are based on the fact that British animal products are ground-based, and the foods they use cannot be eaten by people and reflect the traditional British production systems in Britain, sheep, and milk for rainwater, meat and milk production. Typical commercial outdoor pork parts.

AHA rejected the claims, saying the ads were not misleading.

An important decision for English farming

Christine Watts, chief communications officer and market development officer at ABCB, said the decision was “an important decision for British agriculture”.

We are pleased with ASA’s decision and thank you for your careful consideration.

This is an important day for English farming as we can continue to share the benefits of eating red meat and dairy products as part of a balanced diet. We work hard to ensure that our campaigns are strong and evidence-based.

We will focus on nutrition, health and environmental sustainability and prepare for the next phase of our campaign, which begins later this year.

She said the campaign had reached 18.5 million people.

The ‘Eat Balanced’ campaign has also been nominated for the UK Food and Beverage Federation ‘Campaign of the Year’ award.

Vegans ‘Disappointed’ With Judgment

Louise Davis, campaign manager at the Vegan Society, told the Daily Mail that the group was “desperate and desperate” in court.

“We are disappointed and upset by ASA’s final decision on these announcements,” he said.

At this time when record preachers are trying to be vegan through the vegan campaign, we still strongly believe that the EHB is deliberately misleading the public.

Despite the results, we hope that many of the complaints to ASA will encourage ADHB and similar bodies to think twice before resorting to such scary tactics in the future.

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