Vegetable and fruit department sites will receive an ISO certificate

Shiva Nuramania Samraj, co-director of Horticulture, said the inspection of the ISO certificates took place in It was 2020.

Four sites owned by the Department of Fruit and Vegetables in Nilgris County have recently received certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The State Botanical Garden and the Government Rose Garden have received certificates of ISO 14001: 2015 in Udhagandalam, Sino Park Connor and Berlior State Garden, the department said on Wednesday.

The botanical garden has been certified as a place of public beauty and recreation by displaying and collecting a variety of horticultural elements in the field of horticultural care and variety. To the verse. Sim Park has received a certificate to show students, scientists and the general public a variety of ornamental trees and plants, and is certified to produce sub-tropical fruit seed production materials for a variety of projects. And to show the variety of gardening with the participation of farmers [and] Technology Graduation.

Shiva Nuramania Samraj, co-director of Horticulture, said the ISO certification was conducted in 2020. “We try and wait [these sites] Better yet, ”he said. “Four of the 12 state-owned farms in the Nilgris district have so far received ISO certificates, so efforts will be made to obtain certificates for the rest of the farms,” ​​Samraj said.


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