Vegetable and Fruit Department to Tokakalay Sales Center | Coimbatore News – Indian Times

Coimbatore – Tatagam Road Garden Department The Tokakalay Sales Center will soon have a large pharmaceutical unit and will play a few external sales counters.
Dr. R. Brinda Davy, Director of Fruit and Vegetable Crops, inspected the opening for the first time in the region on Tuesday and gave many instructions to make it more attractive and equitable to customers. In many private fruit and vegetable chains.
Davy ordered the district’s horticultural department to increase herbal sales. The store has now set up a front line to sell herbal remedies such as Tulsi, Homavali, Tutuhuvalai, Nagamali and Aloe Vera.
“Considering the market potential of herbicides, the director instructed us to extend the old network to the office of the former deputy director and increase the number of plants on sale,” said Buvanshwari, deputy director of horticulture.
The director of horticulture also ordered woreda officials to place some large gazebo-type umbrellas outside the shop. Davy said that colorful fruits would increase visibility and sales to attract more shoppers to the store and even buy some.
“The director has instructed us to adopt strategies implemented by private chains such as Pazhamudir to increase sales and revenue,” Buvanger said.
Accompanied by the co-director of horticulture (RNA), Ar Rajamani, Davy ordered the authorities to install solar panels for the store and cold storage. The team also inspected the construction of the new deputy director’s office building.



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