Vegetable and Fruit Line – The weather brings mosquitoes, look for breeding grounds

Treat mosquitoes in your backyard!

In the rain and storms, try some Cyonara and kill mosquitoes. Some products only repel mosquitoes, we want to kill them.

They can also be delayed by a development supervisor. Explore potential breeding grounds around your backyard. It is amazing how many places a mosquito lays its eggs. Old tapes, boat covers, plates under flower pots, holes in garbage cans, old springs, bird baths, tires, refrigerators, old cars, magnets, and even half-rain gauges can provide enough water for mosquito breeding. .

If you do not have time to inspect your yard, hire a professional and they will help keep your yard safe. Mosquitoes are the number one killer in the world.

We are in the heart of a hurricane. Get an expert to inspect your trees. Look at the so-called “widow makers” in the industry – those dead legs hanging from a tree. This is the perfect time to feed on trees and shrubs.

The big patch fungus is about to raise its ugly head again in the lottery. Nighttime temperatures range from 60 to 70. You must now apply pesticides to prevent infection. In addition, daylight hours are declining, and grass is more susceptible to disease. Rinse only with water as needed and apply the strain on the strawberry or T-methyl fungus.

If you have shrubs or trees that need to be planted, you can start pruning them. Ideally, if you plant a tree, you will have a 12-inch ball for each tree diameter (ie, an 3-inch tree requires 18 inches on either side of the tree).

Take a shovel and dig straight down without washing it, just cut the roots. Depending on the size of the tree, whether it is planted or volunteered, how long it has been in the ground, and whether it is in a group of other plants, it will determine how big the ball will be. Dig.

Add some SeaHume and Superthrive to the area to encourage new roots. Trim the roots now and for the next few months to plant from November to January.

Climate change also brings in the annual winter weeds. We hope so far, you have put pre-populations on your lawn and on your beds.

If you have been to Florida Betoni before, consider using a standard pre-emergency. Florida has emerged, so if you are struggling with weeds, take immediate action.

Many of our customers noticed a decline in lawns in Florida Betoni after using the scale in late August and again in October.

Twenty years ago, I came up with some experimental plots for Da Ag Agrosins, and I saw a 85 percent reduction in the first year in Florida Betoni! Dow Agro Science from APP But “I love it, try it!” I say

Beware of molecular cricket, fallen army worms, and soda web worms in your lawn. Molo cricket has developed its wings and started flying, which means it will be close to your lawn.

I have received many calls about severe molecular cricket damage and have noticed significant damage.

Sod web worms and fallen army worms can eat large amounts of grass in a short time. Look for moths in your lawn at night. These moths emerge from the ground, fly by mistake for a few feet, and then land like quail. Treat them in Lebanon with insect repellent or cyanora and take care of both these as well as fire ants and many other insects.

Always read, follow and understand the brand name before applying any product.

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