Vegetable and fruit networks a maximum of $ 8 million

More than $ 17.5 million worth of net protection projects are funded by the Commonwealth and Marshall Liberal Government’s Garden Infrastructure Assistance Programs in the Greater Adelaide, Adelaide Hills and Riesland areas.

The $ 14.6 million program pledges more than $ 8 million to major producers to purchase and install a new net network or to protect vital vegetable crops to replace any damaged networks.

Minister of Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham said more than 83 projects have been funded in South Australia.

“The Marshall Liberal government is supporting the business community and supporting the horticultural industry,” he said.

“We know that it helps to limit the impact of weather events such as hurricanes and hurricanes, protect crops from pests and save water.

Our $ 14.6 million gardening program will help overcome these barriers and allow farmers in the Greater Adelaide, Adelaide Hills and Relandland areas to apply for up to half of the costs associated with horticulture. Maximum $ 300,000.

“South Australian farmers and horticulturists produce crops globally, but over the last few years they have had to cope with some challenges.

The grant program is a major investment in our premium South Australian crops and our wonderful farmers who are working hard to produce them, and as an added bonus it also supports local projects during construction.

We have now more than half of that funding, which has opened more than $ 17.5 million worth of projects across South Australia. They cover about 550 hectares of fruits and vegetables, such as apples and pears, with major producers.

In recent years, aid has been released in June 2020 due to hurricanes.

South Africa’s growth target by 2030 is to support the local economy by supporting $ 23 billion in food, wine and agricultural trade revenue by 2030, protecting valuable crops, returning large sums of money to the pockets of producers and their regional economy, he said. .

The program is sponsored by the Commonwealth and administered by the state government and will run until June 30, 2023 or until the funds are fully paid. Qualified farmers are required to match at least the donation and the assistance is covered by $ 300,000 per GST alone.

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