Vegetable and Fruit New Zealand welcomes labor crisis relief

The New Zealand Government of Horticulture accepts RSE workers who are allowed to enter New Zealand without administrative exclusion from Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu.

The decision will provide both economic relief to the Pacific Islands and ease the pressure on New Zealand’s horticultural and wine industries, which are facing the most pressing harvests.

HortNZ CEO Nadine Tunili said that without the support of current Pacific workers, the permanent jobs at Kiwis, and the growth of New Zealand’s horticultural and wine industries are in jeopardy.

“Although Kiwis is a major player in our fruit and vegetable and wine industries, we need more help from our current staff, especially during such difficult economic times,” Nadine said.

In order to achieve this, the fruit and vegetable sector needs to be recognized by Minister Faofoi and his officials for their efforts and work with the industry.

NZ Apples & Pears, NZ Kiwifruit Growers, Summerfruit NZ, Wine NZ, NZ Ethical Employers and HortNZ are working with the government to finalize the details and ensure that the health, safety and security of workers remain paramount in this transition.

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