Vegetable Gardens, Azalea-Dougwood Festival Partner on Plant Sale

Hammosway Azalea (Rhododendron Serrulatum) is one of the many local azaleas that can be purchased during the online sale of Azalia-Dogwood Festival in Dothan and Azalia-Dougwood Festival. Online sales will begin on September 1 for DABG members and on September 6.

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The Dothan area’s Parks and Azale-Dougwood Festival joined forces in September to host online Azalia sales. The sale includes approximately one dozen varieties of indigenous azaleas, one of the most expensive of all the flowering shrubs. The revenue will benefit both organizations.

Online sales will begin on September 1 for DABG members and September 6 for the general public. The online sale will take place on September 20 at the Gardens from 9:00 am to noon. The pickup will take place on October 1-4, with the sale of the Shigragras Master Gardeners Fall.

Available at the Kine Kindergarten in Ernest Conne, Mount Pine, Georgia. Connie is a nationally recognized expert on indigenous azaleas, and its kindergarten produces more native azaleas than any other nursery in the United States.

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“We are proud to be part of this online sale, in partnership with Azale-Dougwood Festival,” said William Holman, executive director of Dotan County Vegetation. “Native crocodiles are both beautiful and easy to care for. We hope to encourage people to continue azaleas in our area, especially indigenous azaleas.

The Azalea-Dogwood Festival 2021 Trail Belles is available on October 2 to help with plant extraction.

Indigenous azaleas occur naturally in the state and are usually grown in unstable areas along streams and mountain ranges. In contrast, most of the growing azaleas came from Asia and were introduced to Alabama. Native azaleas are leafy, which means they lose their leaves during the winter. Depending on the species, indigenous azaleas can bloom from early spring to mid-summer and provide spectacular color displays. Fungus-shaped flowers can be fragrant and their colors range from pink, white, yellow, orange, and red depending on the species.


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