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Paupa, North America’s largest edible fruit

Add beauty and desirability to your landscape with the North American Nutrition Fruit, Paupa ().Asimina and Triloba).

At the age of six or seven, these 15- to 20-year-old trees begin to produce large, fragrant, sweet, banana-like fruits and couscous.

Plant at least two different varieties to ensure pollen and fruit production. Two species and three species of papaya are growing in this plant in the Borner plantations.

Look at the early spring, the dark purple flowers and the flies and beetles that breed them. Borner praised the series for its large variety of varieties and the abundance of pollen in its garden.

When they are soft to the touch, collect the large fruit when it is easily separated from the tree. Use them as soon as possible at room temperature and in the refrigerator for only two days.

A little more information; Papaya trees are native to New York South to Florida and west to Nebraska and Texas. The fruit is high in vitamins A and C and rich in P, K, MG and S more than apples, peaches or grapes. The fruit is used in pots, pans, cookies, cakes, and more.

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