Vegetable sales will last until Saturday

Despite the cancellation of the McKeville-Agricultural-Family Family Festival, the sale of the planned crop gardeners in Penn County, Penn State, this Saturday, is still going on.

The Vegetable Sales and Vegetation Emotion Symposium will be held at the Planton County Fairgrounds.

The sale features a mix of many years, trees and shrubs, including many natives, natures and hard-to-find species. Master gardeners also provide transplants from their own gardens. At the end of the supply, all sales are first-order, first-served. Please call (570) 858-0189 with questions.

“Join us for the first harvest sale! Fall is a good time to plant. Cold temperatures and heavy rainfall make it easier to plant. ” There is a release from the Master gardeners. “As winter approaches, plants grow and die, and plants can focus on developing strong root systems. In the spring they are already established and ready to grow.

In addition to sales, major gardeners have a program packed with gardening workshops.

Extension Gardener Tom Buzler points out the right way to plant a tree.

Extension Forest Instructor Dave Jackson discusses invasive plants and what can be done to eliminate them.

Master gardeners offer small sessions on how to create and maintain display gardens, how to build a compost pile, hobby beeswax, and more. You will also be ready to answer any gardening questions.

“This is an event you do not want to miss” He said he was released.

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