Vegetable winners will grow to reduce food insecurity.

DAYTON, Ohio (WTN) – The Montgomery County Dayton Regional Green Community is trying to reduce food insecurity by allowing gardeners to grow and donate their produce.

Dayton promotes regional green sustainability and energy conservation. Tuesday’s Green Vegetable Contest Awards were presented at the Lunch at the Top of the Market.

Tipecano Middle School won the school award and $ 1,800.

“These students gave themselves up, gave up their time, and did not ask for anything in return. I wanted the students to be free of selfishness, ”said Dale Bonifas.

Boniface is a gardener at Tipecano Elementary School.

“A few years ago, two students came to me and wanted to influence the school,” Boniface said.

As they began to argue, he said the students wanted to turn a large yard into a garden. The Garden Club now donates the vegetables to the local community.

“I think it made these little ones aware of the importance of the next meal for kids who didn’t know where it came from. So we could not be happier, ”said Montgomery County Commissioner Judy Dodge. “It was a great honor to be here to present awards.”

The winners of the Dayton Regional Green, Montgomery County Commissioners, Agraria Regenerative Farm and Five River Metroparks determined the winners in terms of productivity, engagement, sustainability, green certification and how they have reduced their impact on the environment. Eleven organizations and 32 individuals participated in the competition.

$ 1,800 Community Group Award presented to Christ United Methodist Church.

Lisa Hell also received an individual $ 900 award from Dayton City Gron.

Tim Prechard has won a $ 250 individual award with Five Rivers Metroparks.

Miami Valley School has received a $ 250 special award.

According to Daiton Regional Green, the problem has prevented 40,281 tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

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