Vermont Community Garden Network to start a mobile program

Provides horticultural education and resources throughout Vermont

Hannah Harrington, Caroline Aubrey, Millie Gates and Joseph Kifer from Vermont Community Park Network are the recipients of the Lausanne Sunshine Fund for July 2021.

Vermont Business Magazine Two recent gifts allow the Vermont Community Network to take the show on the road, bring workshops to gardens, to school field trips and to those who need plants and seeds.

Thanks to funding from Vermont Foodbank and Lausanne’s best fluids, a new project is being implemented – buying and customizing a van to deliver state education and supplies across the state. This new mobile classroom and resource center brings people who need interactive, gardening and nutrition education and related supplies.

This project provides a direct response to emerging needs during the ongoing epidemic. The interest in gardening and the important role it plays in food security, health and human relationships in our communities has grown. Many people are asking for the development and support of food parks from different areas, and for gardening education and supplies to be more accessible in their own communities.

“We are excited to reach out to more communities, strengthen gardening, and distribute some of the tools and resources needed for people to grow their own food. Our goal is to solve another part of the mystery of sustainable food access for families in Vermont, affordable housing, rural communities and summer school and camp programs. Collaborating with partners to achieve common goals in resident safety, community relations and tolerance. Mr. Verl Gates, CEO of Vermont Community Garden Network.

The company is currently working to purchase the appropriate vehicle and will turn it into a mobile workshop for programming from early spring 2022.

Source – Vermont Community Garden Network

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