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A 100-year worm project is underway in collaboration with the Victoria Horticulture Society and the Compost Education Center. (Pixels)

Victoria Vegetable and Soil Fertilizer Teams Partner for Worm Control Project

The first 100 teams to host a workshop will receive a free worm compost

The Victorian Horticulture Society has partnered with the Compost Education Center for a worm-proof project.

The community donates 100 worms to nonprofits and education groups, and the initiative begins August 25 at 1216 North Park St. Compost Education Center.

Vermiculture, otherwise known as worm fertilizer, is becoming a common practice and is useful for gardeners with limited growth and those who want to improve soil health in their gardens.

This process helps keep the soil fertile and helps gardeners by providing essential nutrients to the soil and to the worms that live there and practice their magic.

According to the Victoria Vegetable Association, gardeners can make their own fertilizer, buy mixed soil, or add natural remedies to help bugs.

The first 100 teams will receive free worm compost from the Compost Education Center worm fertilizer workshop.

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