Viking announces two identical world ships for 2023-24

Viking has announced the launch of the 2023-2024 Viking World Ship for the first time, with two starting dates and landing on two different ships at the same time.

Endless pool in the Viking sky

The voyage will last 138 days, 28 countries and 57 ports, and overnight in 11 cities.

Due to strong demand from world ships 2021 and 2022, the same cruise schedule will have two starting dates – December 20, 2023. Viking sky, Or December 23, 2023. Viking Neptune, Both from Fort Lauderdale.

Visitors cross the Panama Canal to Central America before heading to the west coast of North America.

Viking sky geiranger Norway

Viking Sky at Gerangerfjord, Norway

Before exploring ports in Asia and the Middle East, there is also a short 121-night Viking World Travel Plan, allowing passengers to join Los Angeles and cross the Pacific Ocean.

Finally, the ships sailed through the Mediterranean and ended up in London.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to explore the world again. Our old world ships have been sold in a few weeks, and we are now more interested in these extended voyages than ever before, ”said Vicking Chairman Turtin Hagen.

“Like me, our guests are curious; We view travel as an opportunity to learn, learn, and grow. In the spirit of Viking exploration, our flawless world cross may be the greatest of all adventures.

Highlights of the World Cruise Ship

Through Viking ships

Viking’s new world cruise ship will visit dozens of picturesque towns alongside unknown destinations. Passengers can participate in special cultural and historical education programs during their travels.

The trip includes visits to various cultural institutions.

Kawai, Hawaii

Explore the lush vegetation of Hawaii, nicknamed the “Garden Island” of Hawaii.

Visitors begin their trek to the Willow Land, known as the “Land of the Kings,” to admire the magnificent nature of the 150-foot-high ocean floor, visit the old town of Navelliwill and take a walk on the beach, or so on. Nearby Anchor Cove Shops.

Sydney, Australia

Experience the world’s largest port of Sydney and enjoy an overnight stay with plenty of time to explore the city.

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Experience Singapore’s cultural diversity during your overnight stay. Visit the various parts of the city from Little India to the Arabian Peninsula, visit the Future Garden featuring more than a million plants, or enjoy a night safari and the world’s first nightlife park.

Mumbai, India

For two nights in the harbor, guests will have more time to learn about the life and heritage of activist Mahatma Gandhi, to enjoy the Hanging Gardens – one of the few parks in the city and to explore the diversity of your area.

Istanbul, Turkey

During the night, visitors will have plenty of time to experience this historic city. Istanbul travels across two continents to explore a number of religious sites and boasts a delicious Mediterranean blend of fresh Mediterranean flavors with Asian spices.

London, England

The trip ends in the Thames of London at Greenwich’s historic Royal Boro. The anchor site provides easy access to the emperor’s major views, including the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament, the Big Ben, Westminster Abyss, Buckingham Palace, and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Booking details

Prices for Viking World Ships for 2023-2024 start at $ 54,995 per person. The 2024 Viking World Travel Plan costs $ 49,995 per person.

Both Viking’s New World Cruise Vacations offer couples up to $ 50,000 in Viking Value, Commercial International Flight, Shipping & Shipping, All Shipping Gifts, Free Visa Services, Silver Spirits Package, and Free Shipping Services Pastime.

From now until September 30, 2021, any alternative land plans will receive an additional $ 2,000 per person for beach cruises and $ 1,000 per person on board credit for optional tours, spa services, boat shops and beverages.

Viking World Cruise members, who hold Viking World Cruise or World Travel until September 30, will receive an additional $ 1,000 per person on board credit.

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