Volunteer big snow to change the garden for young people

A garden can be a paradise for someone who needs some escape, and no one needs it more than a special interest child Andrew.

Seven-year-old Andrew needs full-time care and enjoys spending time with his family in the sun.

But the family’s garden was overgrown with weeds and weeds.

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Weld’s son, Kiran Cullen, and mother, Healy Smith

It was there that the charity Welchfield and volunteers came in, armed with shovels and tires to breathe new life into the outside world.

In two days last week, the garden was transformed into the Garden of Eden.

At first, Andrew could only get a small patio of Castell Bromwich from the garden, but now the place is clean and wide enough to move.

Seven-year-old Andrew Smith Garden before the change

Welchfield Charity supports critically ill children and their families, and their key tasks include projects to transform bedrooms and gardens.

According to their statistics, more than 100,000 children and adolescents live in critical condition across the UK.

Andrew needs cerebral palsy, global developmental delay and epilepsy.

Andrew is enjoying his new garden.

He also cannot speak and his mother and father, Haley and Scott Smith, are in full-time wheelchair care. He has three other brothers and sisters with complex needs, including two older brothers.

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Welchfield and more than 20 volunteers worked hard at St. James’ venue during the winter. Modifications include a secure and level position on the attached ladder.

Decorating and Artificial Grass allows Andrew to get in a wheelchair and a large floor for a family hot tub.

The colorful red and blue light panels gave the garden a sense of humor.

The video shows Andrew in the push seat in front of the new bold sensors. Volunteers say the garden will come to life in the summer of 2022, where the family can fully appreciate the greenery.

On the last day of work, well-known Kieran Cullen of Wellchield said:

The new floor built in the garden

“As you can see behind me, the last 20 hours have been a total failure. It was a difficult day but the result is worth it.”

Visit the Welchfield website for more information on their initiatives.

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