Volunteers will be given a reflective garden at Canon Memorial Hospital

LINVIL ​​- The past 18 months have been incredibly challenging for health care workers, but Charles A. Canon, Junior Memorial Hospital is looking to provide a safe haven for these staff, as well as patients and visitors. New Reflection Garden.

Half of the plants and flowers in the garden, most of which were donated to butterfly pollen, were donated by Reverdale nursery, and the garden was given to the Arrier High School gardening department and other work in the future.

Outside the hospital, benches, a small garden decorated with flowers, and more invite everyone in the hospital to pause. A reflective garden was built by the hospital’s volunteers on August 20. Carmen Lassie, president of Canon Memorial Hospital, said the garden was the brainchild of Peter Moss, a long-time volunteer for the hospital.

The garden should be a place of stability and healing not only for patients but also for visitors and health care workers, Lasi said. As she entered the fourth wave of the epidemic, which severely injured nurses, doctors and other hospital staff, she said she appreciated Lasi’s garden and the hospital’s facilities.

He said he thought of the garden because the hospital was a place of healing, but it could also be a place of anxiety. He observed three instances of hospital staff, visitors, and patients taking a break in the garden, and how much he was impressed by the garden.

Volunteer Mary Morgan said the garden was donated by Mike and Judy Lily, who died this year after volunteering for the hospital. Sitting among the beautiful flowers and plants, there is a “stone pig” that greets the guests of the garden named Lily.

Finally, Salley J. Woodwarding, a DVS staffer in the volunteer office, made a closing comment that she had previously tried to plan a garden, but the effort was unsuccessful at the hospital. She said she was very happy and excited to see the volunteers in this garden.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, when volunteers were unable to perform their normal duties, she said, “I expected to knock on my door, but it never happened.” “I miss you all every day,” she said, thanking the hospital community for continuing to donate.

To contribute to the Reflective Garden or to register as a volunteer, contact the volunteering office at Wodering. woodring@apprhs.org Or call (828) 737-7538.

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