Vulnerable retirees have been housed at home since the outbreak began

Since the outbreak, she has not been able to reach her garden, and many retirees are stuck in her home.

June 70, from Hockey, who is struggling to make ends meet, pleads with her landlord to set up a door in her house to climb the green.

Now, before she could reach the common garden, she had to open the front door and walk around the house, leaving the only option to look out the window.

She suffered a stroke in June 2015 at the Foundation Chase Folly Lane, which closed her right side. She relies on the help of a foot frame.

Now that she can’t feel anything in her head and can’t communicate well, the part of her brain that doesn’t control her mobility, speech, and thinking process. She could not even walk in a wheelchair.

Girl Vicky Bowman says: “Mom has a floor in the garden, but there is no back door. That is, she must turn around in front of him and turn his back on him. She can never go home.

We arranged for adult social care to turn her bathroom into a wet room and the back door. She said she didn’t have enough vitamin D, so we thought that might help.

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“The social worker came out in April 2019 and suggested that the work be done, and this information was then transferred to the Holy of Holies.

They built the bathroom in October 2019, but three people came out to measure the dimensions for the back door – the last one we had was September 29, 2020. They came out and said we wanted another surveyor, but we tried to get someone to report it and we reported it. ”

Vicky, 47, added: “Covie hasn’t left home since she started, and the garden was the only way to get fresh air.”

A spokesman for the House of Commons said, “Planning permission is required before you can put a door on the back of Mrs. Man’s property to access the building’s common garden directly.

We are expanding the application as soon as possible and we are sorry that we have delayed this start.

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