WA training investment to help grow horticultural businesses

  • The government of Macau will invest $ 800,000 to boost WA’s various horticultural activities
  • Horticulture Business Capacity Program to provide high quality business training to improve short-term and long-term business profitability
  • The Government of McGovan has launched an innovative program to increase vegetable business knowledge in Western Australia and boost industrial growth.

    Over the next four years, the McGowan government is investing $ 800,000 in the Horticulture Growth Business Capacity Program, in collaboration with Hort Innovation, Pomeest and Vegetable Wawa, to provide high-quality, improved business capacity training to individual farmers.

    Successful applicants will learn skills in business analysis and data collection, and will receive expert advice and practice management practices to improve the overall efficiency of their business.

    The program uses industrial benchmarking to identify opportunities for businesses to improve their fruit and vegetable development organizations, and to improve profitability, business resilience, and sustainability.

    The program includes a full business analysis, 90 minutes, one-on-one sessions with consultant and group training sessions to discuss common challenges.

    The program has been built over a three-year pilot project run by WA, and the same program has been widely used in a wide range of fields – both with positive industry feedback.

    Areas in the Building Garden Business Capacity Program are limited. Visit https://www.agric.wa.gov.au/BHBCprogram for more information and to register

    According to Minister of Agriculture and Food Alana McTirrier –

    “This targeted program will help enhance the business skills of individual horticultural enterprises and provide benefits for the flow of the plant.

    “Businesses can receive high-quality advice and training to improve the performance and profitability of their organizations.

    “Our government is committed to investing in various initiatives that support WA’s diverse horticulture industry to provide the best opportunity to grow and prosper.

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