Wake Co. Shows students

Raleigh, NTV (WTVD) – The Abbott Creek Elementary School Gardens gives students the first time in the county a chance to understand exactly how food comes from the bottom to the table.

On Tuesday, the third-graders were the first to experience the new learning garden with the help of their new teacher, Christa Brinchek.

“Every time a child enters nature, the relationship makes it possible for him to see and touch and explore science,” says Brenchek.

She is a science specialist at the school and has helped students gain real hands-on experience in identifying, planting and harvesting plants.

“Many students I have seen over the years do not know where their food comes from. They do not know about gardens, they do not know how plants grow, so it is only possible to give this in the first place. It is very important for me to have a basic knowledge of science in middle and high school years. ”

They even have to see how it works from the real food they grow.

The learning park is part of their gift program from the Captain Planet Foundation with the help of Dolton and Harris Tater.

Abbot Creek Elementary School received $ 3,000 to run the program in Wake County.

The school curriculum provides an opportunity for each student in each classroom to grow their own food and prepare home-made recipes.

“It’s amazing that our children have the opportunity to see this kind of nature outside of the school building,” said Paula Trantam.

Although this is the first of its kind in the district, officials said the subsidy application will open in January next year. The program receives two grants a year and any school is encouraged to apply.

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