Walk in the right direction for land-based education in Cumbria

Newton Rig Limited, a community organization, is now taking the first step toward realizing its vision to build a future of land-based education in the county.

The launch of NR Training, a new ground-based training provider, will announce the first courses in early September.

Newton Rig Limited, a professional NR training school, has partnered with Lottery to launch courses in Lottery Castle and Gardens this September. A new course in advanced dairy management is now receiving applications as part of the NR Training Rural Business School vision, the first of many planned.

The organization also pledged to continue its campaign to maintain the use of Newton Rig Campus and Siberian farms for education and training.

Dr. Jane Sullivan (Educational Consultant and Director of Newton Rig College 2015-18) played a key role in the development of NR training with Newton Rig Limited Director Andrew Consoll (Director General of Duke College, Landexx).

Dr. Sullivan said, “NR Training School will be able to provide adult education in horticulture and horticultural design starting this September in Lottery Castle and Gardening Stimulus. In addition, the NR Training Advanced Dairy Management Course is now open to applications and is the first of a number of courses planned to begin in the coming months as our broader Rural Business School vision.

“We are thrilled to be part of this important step in rebuilding land-based education in Cumbria, supporting NR training and providing our resources to train future gardeners,” said David Bleiss, General Manager of Lottery Estate. Luther Castle and Garden Trust, in partnership with Ernest Cook Trust, are already offering learning opportunities on the property and we are pleased to be able to extend this further. ”

Chris Craudson, Newton Rig Limited’s director, said: “We are on the path to a sustainable solution for CUM at the start of the NR training and we are grateful to the individuals and organizations who have supported us financially, mentally and professionally. This is a community effort and we believe our county will proudly step back. We hope that anyone who wants to be a part of this drive to rebuild land-based education in Cumbria will meet to donate or donate through our GoFundMe Population Page: Welcome to help us accelerate our growth in this field. »

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