Walmer Castle and Gardens

Outside Kentish Beach The stronghold of the city of Dell stands for Walmar Castle, a structure that has witnessed civil war and political scandals.

The first palace was built around 1540 by King Henry VIII in response to threats from France and the Holy Roman Empire. It was one of a series of fortified settlements on the coast of Kentish in the cities of Sink (strategic military and economic importance). These palaces were part of a new defensive structure known as the “weapon fortress” with circular storage and several towers to deal with future enemies during naval invasion.

The feared invasion of Henry VIII did not come. The palace was updated during the reign of his daughter Elizabeth I, in response to the ongoing war with Spain, but never again invaded.

During the war, the Waller Castle was first registered in 1648 during the British Civil War, when the royal cavalry occupied the area and fought a desperate battle with the “Parliamentary Head”. And was arrested.

However, over the centuries, technological advances have slowed down following the strategic military advantage. The castles will eventually become luxury residences or the home of British economists and politicians.

Since the 18th century, Walmar Castle has been home to the British Prime Minister William Pitt and the Prince of Wellington, as well as to those who hold the symbolic office and title of Lord Wardon at Sinke Port. 1815 The Battle of Waterloo

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