Watch now: Bretes, breweries, bands and fans return to Awakening Day

Members of the UW Marching Band will stop at the Sconi Bar on Regent Street before the opening of the weekend between Wisconsin and Penn State.

Amber Arnold, State Journal

Jeff Donovan, 65, spent some time throwing football around the park with his former grandson Conner Murray and Johnson Creek’s father, Eric Murray. Donovan is a seasoned ticket holder who spent most of his life in Fund du Lac, but now lives in Florida.

I can’t say I’m safe, but I hope everyone uses some common sense. And if they think they’ve got something, they don’t come into the game when they cough or sneeze, ”Donovan said. I am at a stage where you have to move on to a certain level and fashion.

In South Union, fans crowded the outdoor square and balconies to take in the UW Marching Band an hour before departure. Others took selfies and group photos under the historic structure and slid through the nearby Camp Randall arch.

Fans will return

A home party on the Race Terrace brought fans to a small balcony to take on the scene near Camp Randall.

Amber Arnold, State Journal

In Randell Court, large parties closed the city’s shortest street, which was surrounded by student dormitories.

Jack Vandinhoven, an 18-year-old freshman, took his first badge of red and white embroidered football on Saturday. Since the game was out and he had been vaccinated, Vandinhoven had some concerns for his first trip to the stadium.

“I always wanted to be here and I was finally here,” said Vandenhoven. I celebrate in May and I get it when I can.


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