Watch now The Agape Community Garden grows west of the city of Sios

Michelle Bakque shows off the children’s corner of the Agape Community Garden in Sio. Behind the Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, the owner of the land.

Dolly Booth

Over the past three years, the park has been helped by community members, donations from various businesses and partnerships with a number of agencies and groups, the Northwest Iowa Conspiracy Club, the Wild Hills Chapter Wildlife Sanctuary, Sioux City NAACP and Iowa State University Extension – Wudbury County.

Bake, her sister, and her friend cleaned the lot and tried their best to fix the uneven ground. Luckily, her neighbor was rescued by a Bobcat machine. She exchanged her tenant for another member of the Church and posted other gardening tools and supplies on her site.

“The first year Lowe, Fletcher Farm and Bomgarrs helped us by donating all the plants,” said Backe, who filled the pickup truck’s flat and interior for the garden. All I did was work together, reach out to different organizations.

Agape Community Garden: Black Eyes Susan

More than 100 local plants and seven local shrubs have been established in the Agape Community Garden on the 15th West and Silver Streets in Sioux City.

Dolly Booth

Although she grew up on a farm outside of Hornick, Iowa, she says she has no green thumb. There was no “poetry or reason” behind the flowers that she initially chose to plant beautifully.

The garden continues to change. Apple, pear, cherry, and peach trees were planted. Composting plants Compost tanks were built. Seats are provided.


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