Webster County 4-H Exhibitions at State Exhibition

Webster County 4-Hers won awards in 2021 at the Iowa State Fair. It is an honor to be selected for an Iowa State Exhibition. These projects were selected at the Webster County Exhibition in July.

“Districts send many examples of skills in all categories” Mitch Hoyer, coordinator of Iowa State University Extension 4-H Youth Development Program. ”4-Hers received stickers in their exhibitions based on how well they met their goals and the ratings for a particular item.

The Webster County Exhibitions and Awards are as follows:

Emma Alstot, Fort Dodge, Horticulture, 2 Blue.

Megan Anderson, Vincent, Photographer, Blue.

Bianca Aquano, Humbolt, 4-H poster, Mercy stamp

Cobb, Callender, Photograph, Clear Blue.

Jubilee Kunigan, Dayton, Photography, Blue.

Julia Eastman, Fort Dodge, $ 10 Food Contest, White.

Harley Acre, Leigh, Visual Arts, Blue.

Nolan Eslik, Leigh, woodwork, blue.

Morgan Farham, Gouri, Nationality, White; Food and nutrition, blue.

Josie Harvey, Fort Dodge, Visual Arts, Blue.

Jacob Munch, Ogden, Crop Production, Blue, Iowa Ag and Land Supervision Award.

Luke Munch, Ogden, Other Agriculture and Natural Resources, Red; 4-H poster, seal of mercy.

Aid Nelson, Clare, woodworker, blue.

Alexis Peterson, Calder, Food & Nutrition, Blue; Consumer management, blue.

Haley Reese, Dunkumbe, Dedicated, Blue.

Nathan Retwishch, Fort Dodge, Food & Nutrition, Red; Home improvement, blue; Sewing, red; Photograph, blue.

Avila Savov, Fort Dodge, Visual Arts, Blue.

Mykaela Stuhrenberg, Fort Dodge, Visual Arts, Blue.

Mykenzie Stuhrenberg, Fort Dodge, Photography, Blue.

Emma Sitsma, Harcourt, Woodworking, Blue.

Sylvia Wakoltz, Fort Dodge, Photography, Blue, Iowa Gallery Award Professional Photographers (Top 20).

Zoe Wakultz, Fort Dodge, Photography, Red.

Keaton Wittrock, Barnum, Woodworking, Blue.

Logan Whitrock, Barnum, Photography, Blue.

Webster County 4-Hers competed in the 4-H Prize for Fashion Review, and the Iowa State Fair for $ 15. The event took place on Thursday, August 12, at the Iowa State Fair.

The Iowa State Exhibition is an Iowa State 4-H show that gives young participants the opportunity to showcase their design and production knowledge as well as their creativity. During the event, young people participated in educational workshops. Learn more about potential jobs in clothing, business and design; And engaged in ministry education. The young man ended his interview with the judge and the model with the clothes chosen or constructed at the public highway show.

“At the awards ceremony, 4-H participants will be assessed on their verbal and written communication skills. The young people will be judged on their fashion goals, their choice of clothing, their knowledge of the dress and their style of dress, as well as their self-confidence. ” Bonnie Dalager, a specialist in Iowa State University Extension and Access 4-H Youth Development Program.

The young person participates in three categories – clothing choice – Participants choose or purchase an outfit for a specific occasion; Fashion Review – Clothing is participatory, hand-stitched, machine-stitched or embroidered; And The $ 15 Challenge – 4-Her buys a garage sale, delivery shop or clothing store as a volunteer or salvage army for $ 15 or less.

Young people in grades 9-12 who are competing in 4-h fashion classes at the Webster County Festival may be given a special opportunity to participate in the state’s fair costume event.

Emma Alstot, Josie Novendido and Ignatius Kirby, all of Dodge Dodge, participated in the costume selection. Amelia Rake, Vincent and Ashley Wakoltz, Fort Dodge, participated in the fashion review. Fort Dodge’s Nathan Rutwich competed in a $ 15 contest. Everyone accepted the participation fries.

Emma Alstot won a top-5 award for her clothing choice. Accreditation includes a certificate and a gift card.

Ashley Wakoltz was one of two recipients of a special award sponsored by the Central Iowa Sewing Team at the Fashion Improvement Unit.

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